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Anal sex toys and Its Types

Anal sex toys are sex toy meant for sexual stimulation of the anus. Mainly, all anal vibrators have one common feature - they create a vibrating effect in the anus for pleasurable sensations.

As other anal sex toys, anal vibrators vary from other types of vibrators by having a flared base to avoid its possible loss in the rectum.

Vibrating anal sex toys are different from anal dildos, such as butt plugs, anal probes and anal beads and it may generate diverse stimulating effects: rotating, vibrating or pulsating. They control and adjust with different speed or vibration levels for a variety of sensations.

Types of anal toys

Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs are often shorter dildos meant for anal penetration. They are likely to have a flared base to check the device from becoming blocked in the rectum.

Some butt plugs “ejaculate” by spraying water or other viscous fluids into the rectum. Some other vibrating butt plugs can inflate and expand and certain butt plugs work with rotating beads and thrusting functions. Butt plugs can be placed in or out for erotic feeling. For this type of activity ribbed butt plugs can be a good choice. They can also be worn constantly for long period.

Anal Beads

Anal Beads are balls or bumps on a string or a semi-rigid wand. They are put into the rectum and then removed with changeable speeds. The beads may differ in size. There may be three to as many as eight beads in a single item. These items can be used by both sexes and all sexual orientations, and while they can be considered “kinky,” they are not considered a fetish. The beads can also be used alone.

Prostate Massage toys

Prostate Massage toys are expressly curved toys that are intended to arouse the prostate, such as the Aneros.

Anal probes

Anal probes, with vibrating effect are shorter than usual butt plugs–about the size of a finger. Thus these anal sex toys are very helpful for beginners. Anal probe vibrators may be narrower because their main function is to slide and vibrate.

How to Buy Vibrators for You or Some Else

Vibrators are familiar name in the adult sex toy world. You can get utmost pleasure if you can choose the right vibrators. This article will tell you how to find a good one so that you can use it easily and can get pleasant experience.

·        Make sure whether you want the vibrators for you or someone else. It is not a wise idea to discuss in board and spend £30-£40 on it. If are a beginner for this, do not spend £15 pounds to purchase online or £25 in a shop.

·        Make sure about your need. That means what you want the Vibrators to do. If you want clitoris, Virginia, or anal stimulus or a mixture of these then look in the exact group on the shop or better still if you find review sites read up on them.

·        Purchasing by visiting a shop is better than online shopping since you can see the product directly and observe its good points. It depends on your choice how you like to purchase. If you have self-confidence and don’t mind going into a shop then this is the best though you don’t buy it from them. A large amount people find it easy and comfy to shop online for vibrators because they are not in direct contact and their identity never reveals. Confirm your supplier does discrete packaging as standard.

·        Choose 3-4 different suppliers of the same product by searching online. Pay attention to your budget and stick with as a maximum but if you can get cheaper all the better making the experience even better but if you are unsure try and gauge a website from external reviews if at all possible.

If you are buying for someone else give emphasis on color. But before this ask your person about his or her favorite color. For more details visit us at

Some Instruction On A Anal Sex Toy’s Usage

Anal sex toys can give one of the safest and most amazing pleasure experiences. Whether you use it alone or with a partner, you will experience a new type of sexual fun and foreplay—anal stimulation. The following points will illustrate how to use it in a right way.

  1. Find a relaxing place. Get ready both physically and mentally.
  2. Take your clothes off. Move your hand around to your anus and rub your fingers over the wrinkled part. Next, get your water-based lubricant and put some on your index finger and middle finger. After your fingers are lubed, then lay face down on your bed. This action relaxes all the muscles in your stomach and legs, and allows your anus to open a little more freely. Insert in your anus. Ensure there is     no pain. If pain arises, use a smaller finger and push it in slower. Feel around, but be easy. But beware since the linings can be injured by fingernails, and scratches could result in infection. Enjoy your first trip.
  3. Just go slow. Put your lubricated middle finger and slide it out then back in slowly. Lubricant is used so that it can be easily inserted. If you feel comfortable with it put both fingers in.
  4. Now you are ready for using different types of anal sex toys. Initiate with the anal butt. Insert it in your anus slowly. Butt plugs needs to be used covered by condoms for sanitation. They should not be shared with other people.
  5. Anal beads are also pleasure giving. They are available in market in different size and color. Stand up and bend over onto your bed or chair with your ass facing into the air. Put a little more lube on the outside of the hole (the puckered part) and enter the beads in slowly. Wait a few seconds between each bead, as they gradually get bigger. Move the beads in and out for a very pleasurable experience. Repeat this action frequently. In your first adventure, though, go easy on yourself and just enjoy that you’re learning.
  6. An anal dildo is used like butt plug. It is a popular anal sex toys. Try different shapes and sizes, but start with a small one. If you’re comfortable, you can go for vibrating dildos if desired. If pain is experienced, discontinue.
  7. Apply different positions, motions, light candles with different aromas, and make increasingly louder sounds even. Choose a partner do the things for you and see what they think. It can often be just as pleasurable for them as it is for you.

Always start with smaller toys. Never lick your toys or hands after using anal sex toys. Make sure to wash your hands and anything that came in contact with your anus with antibacterial soap before storage.

How Does a Vibrators Work?

Vibrator was first coined by in the 1880s by Kelsey Stinner to treat “female hysteria”. It stimulates sensitive nerve endings on the body. Generally, these are used on women to improve stimulation of the clitoris, “G spot” or rectal nerve endings through their varying speeds, designs and single or multiple stimulators.

The lead weight in a vibrator leads to vibration in the vibrator. An electric motor is used inside the device with a small lead weight attached to a motor shaft to bring vibration. Offset from the center like a shaky wheel, this weight causes it to vibrate when the motor spins.  

Vibrators with changeable speeds can vibrate harder and more intensely or slowly with gentle vibrate. Most vibrators run without producing sound. However some produce noise while running. The vibration increases or decreases basing on noise. Vibrators are mostly run on battery.

Vibrators are used to excite the nerve endings in the pelvic region on the outside and inside the vagina which responses to touch. The uninterrupted vibration produces a pleasurable sensation, also called an orgasm. The level of stimulation that a vibrator offers is inimitable. So for the most part of women use them to achieve orgasm. It can be used in masturbation or with a partner.  The vibrator is placed upon the clitoris, inside the vagina or inserted into the rectum.

Vibrators is available all shapes, sizes and designs. “G spot” vibrators features a traditional design with a curve and often a soft jelly-like covering. The curve makes it easier to use to stimulate the g-spot or prostate. Rabbit vibrators are two split to stimulate both the clitoris and vagina at once. Anal vibrators are designed for anal use have either a flared base or a long handle to grip, to prevent them from slipping inside and becoming lodged in the rectum.

The pulsating hums of a vibrator along sensitive areas like the nipples, clitoris, “G spot” and rectum can produce an interesting effect. How it meets each woman’s orgasm, there’s really no exact rule. Each woman is different. Thus they can try different designs and shapes in different places of sensitivity and at varying speeds. Different vibrators will work differently for you.